T.L.B. Inc. was created from the merger of two sawmills : Thomas-Louis Tremblay sawmill and L.B. sawmill, (what the letters T.L.B. stand for.) Both of these sawmills specialized in aspen and birch, two species not very popular at that time. T.L.B. mandate was, and still is today, to promote the use of these wood species through grade lumber users and pallet makers.


L.B. sawmill was sold to a waferboard manufacturer and Thomas-Louis Tremblay sawmill invested heavily in new sawing technology to adapt more accurately to an abundant resource available : White Birch.


T.L.B., has developed more and more market segments for the use of white birch, we can now claim to be the largest seller of this species in the Eastern Canada.

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The Team

Gaetan Bouchard

Président, Produits Forestiers T.L.B. inc. gaetan@tlbhardwood.com

Olivier Bouchard

Représentant aux ventes. olivier@tlbhardwood.com

Francine Gélinas

Contrôleuse francine@tlbhardwood.com

Daniel Beausoleil

Contrôle de la qualité et inventaires Coordonnateur au transport daniel@tlbhardwood.com